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Top 10 Baby Care Blogs To Follow

With well over 380 thousand babies born every day, it is no wonder that there are nearly as many parenting blogs on the internet. From general tips on caring for a newborn to in-depth advice on specific topics, parents are searching for information on everything related to child-rearing. 

Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences anyone can have. Between worrying about every little thing you do as a parent and trying to maintain some sense of self, it’s no wonder that so many new parents feel overwhelmed. It can be hard to know where to turn for advice, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 baby care blogs. These bloggers have all the advice you need to make your journey into parenthood a breeze, from sleep tips to dealing with tantrums.

Baby Care Blogs

Top 10 Baby Care Blogs For Parents

When it comes to finding the best information on taking care of a baby, who better to trust than mothers who have done it all before? These top 10 baby care blogs provide parents with everything they need to know about caring for their child, from infancy to toddlerhood.

These blogs have it all, from advice on breastfeeding and sleep deprivation to tips on potty training and dealing with tantrums. Here are ten of the best baby care blogs chosen for their high-quality content, engaging writing style, and helpful parents.

1. BabyCenter:

BabyCenter is a world leader in helping pregnant women, new parents, and parents-to-be easily find the information, support and products they need to have healthy pregnancies and live happy healthy lives.

2. Baby Chick:

Baby Chick is a baby blog that provides information and reviews on all things parenting, from pregnancy to preschool.

3. Today’s Parent:

Baby healthy eating tips and advice on getting your baby to sleep, to help you parent with confidence.

4. The Baby Sleep Site

If you have trouble getting your little one to go down for the night or if you need some tips on how to get them sleeping through the night, this blog is perfect for you. The Baby Sleep Site offers information on helping babies go down quickly, fun sleep facts and more.


With everything from conception to teenage years, Parents magazine is an online resource for everything a parent needs to know about their children. Here you can find articles on choosing the right school for your children, packing lunches that your kids will love, and more.

6. VeryWellFamily:

This blog has valuable information for mothers and fathers on pregnancy, babies and toddlers. It also offers information on mom’s health and beauty.

7. BabyGiftStation:

BGS is a great resource for baby gifts, care and all things parenting — in other words, anything you need for your baby (and yourself as a parent). From strollers and car seats to diaper bags and clothing, this blog is full of helpful reviews and recommendations so you can make informed decisions about what to buy for your little one.

8. The Bump: 

The Bump blog features valuable information for new parents, including articles and forums on getting pregnant, pregnancy and parenting. Expecting moms can also use their helpful due date calculator to figure out what week they’re in or find out when they can expect to give birth.

9. Mommypotamus: 

Mommypotamus is a unique blog because it offers natural solutions for everyday problems. Here, you will find information about education, health and parenting tips. It also provides advice on what foods to give to your children to improve their nutritional value.

10. Momjunction:

Momjunction is one of the most reputed parenting community websites that offer a range of helpful information about pregnancy, childcare, kids’ health, etc. You can find tips on various topics like pregnancy exercises, food for pregnant women, sex during pregnancy, etc.

Bottomline On Our Top 10 Baby Care Blogs

While there are tons of blogs out there that can help parents, not all of them will be useful to you. Some focus on green living and homemade baby food, while others cover the latest news in parenting trends. 

I hope you found our list of baby care blogs helpful! I know many others were not listed, but these ten have been our favorites for some time. What do you think? Are there any blogs that should be added to this list? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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