What was Billy’s gift in the Polar Express?

Billy’s present is a big present that Santa Claus delivers to Billy’s house one Christmas. According to one of the elves, it is “wrapped in candy-striped red with a number-seven holly-green bow.”

What is the gift chosen by the little boy in The Polar Express?

The train takes the children to the center of the city, where Santa and the elves have gathered for the giving of the first gift of Christmas. The boy is chosen to receive this first gift. Knowing that he can choose anything in the world, he decides on a simple gift: one silver bell from Santa’s sleigh.

What’s the point of the hobo in Polar Express?

He is a ghost who lives on top of the Polar Express and rides it whenever he feels like it for free. He does not believe in Santa Claus or Christmas, but his negativity tests Hero Boy’s faith. Throughout the film, Hero Boy is the only character who sees and directly interacts with him.

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Appeared in The Film

Is the kid in Polar Express autistic?

Lloyd and Angie Swartout said their 18-year-old son, Ty, has autism, and was at first very excited to ride the Polar Express-themed train at the Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel in Arizona. The train is set up to look like the magical locomotive from the 2004 animated movie, “Polar Express.”

Is the mom in Polar Express pregnant?

According to The Polar Express: The Movie: Trip to the North Pole, Hero Boy’s mother is pregnant during the events of the story.

Why is Tom Hanks everyone in the Polar Express?

In addition to the lead boy, Tom Hanks played the character’s dad, the conductor, the hobo, and Santa Claus in The Polar Express, bringing his total character count up to five. Because the movie was made using motion capture, Hanks had to act out each part on a soundstage as well as speak the lines.

Who is the annoying kid in Polar Express?

But who plays the annoying kid in Polar Express? He is one of the characters not played by Tom Hanks! Instead, he is voiced by the actor Eddie Deezen.

Is Hero Boy the conductor?

The Hero Boy encounters the train one christmas, and meets his future self whom whom is the Conductor. … His life and soul became a part of the train and he never wished to leave it. Probably been on that train so long, he feels like he owns it.

What does the homeless man in Polar Express symbolize?

The Hobo is the “Ghost of Xmas Past”

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With the young boy representing the disbelieving Scrooge, the ‘Three Ghosts’ become the Hobo (Past) the Conductor (Present) and Santa (Future). Note the Ebeneezer Scrooge cameo about halfway through the film.

Who voices the ghost in Polar Express?

Tom Hanks (born July 9, 1956) is an American actor who did the voice and motion-capture of the Conductor, the Hobo, Santa Claus, Hero Boy as an adult, and Hero Boy’s father in The Polar Express film, a total of five characters, which is more characters than any other actor in the film.

What do the tickets say in the Polar Express?

The ticket set comes designed with the wordings “BELIEVE, LEAD, LEARN, RELY ON, DEPEND ON, & COUNT ON”. The ticket number is printed No0001224 being Christmas Eve same as in the movie with 5 minutes before Christmas Day the children were dropped off at home! All Polar Express Fans Know this little fact.

Who owns the Polar Express movie?

The Polar Express (film)

The Polar Express
Production company Castle Rock Entertainment Shangri-La Entertainment ImageMovers Playtone Golden Mean Productions
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date November 7, 2004 (Chicago International Film Festival) November 10, 2004 (United States)
Running time 100 minutes

What year is the Polar Express set in?

This is contradicted in The Polar Express: The Movie: Trip to the North Pole, which states the story takes place in 1955.

What was the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time?

The Highest-Grossing Christmas Movies Of All Time, According To Box Office Mojo

  1. 1 Dr.
  2. 2 Home Alone (1990) – $476 million. …
  3. 3 Dr. …
  4. 4 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) – $358 million. …
  5. 5 A Christmas Carol (2009) – $325 million. …
  6. 6 The Polar Express (2004) – $314 million. …
  7. 7 Love Actually (2003) – $245 million. …
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Is The Polar Express a metaphor?

The Polar Express has been a Christmas favourite in my family for years. The narrative appears so symbolic and allegorical because it is simply a metaphor for God. … Believing in God, to be specific.

How much did Tom Hanks get paid for Polar Express?

When Hanks and Zemeckis took “Polar Express” to Universal Pictures, where there was a deal with Castle Rock Entertainment, the film’s producers, the studio was unenthusiastic about making a movie for which the two men would get not only $40 million in salary but 35% of the first-dollar gross — 20% to Hanks, 15% to …

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