What is Tinggly gift box?

What is a tinggly gift box?

A Tinggly gift box allows the recipient to choose ONE experience from hundreds, in over 100 destinations right around the world.

What is an experience box?

A PRA Experience Box – a physical touchpoint that unites recipients in a shared, interactive journey. … Each is curated to create an immersive, multisensory experience far beyond a traditional gift box.

What should a great gift box contain?

Tips for Creating The Perfect Gift Box!

  • Pick a theme! This helps when deciding which products should go in the box, and you can choose a theme the gift receiver will love. …
  • Have a variety of items in the box… something savory, something sweet, a drink, something fresh and local, or picked from home.
  • Add a small bouquet of fresh flowers to the corner.

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How do I redeem my Smartbox?

Validity and other information

  1. Log in to your personal account.
  2. Select My Gift Vouchers.
  3. Select Exchange This Smartbox and then follow the on-screen prompts.

What do you put at the bottom of a gift box?

Now that you have a good idea of what to put inside your gift box, here are the best tips and tricks for making it look perfectly “present”-able! Add bunched up paper to the bottom of the box and cover it with the colorful shredded filler. This will help lift up the items so they don’t get “lost” in the box.

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How do you make a cheap gift basket?

Gift Basket Ideas And Recipes

  1. Buy items in sets and divide them among the gift baskets. …
  2. Remove individual popcorn, coffee or cocoa packets from their boxes. …
  3. Shop garage sales and thrift stores for baskets and other containers.
  4. Dollar stores have lots of great inexpensive gift ideas. …
  5. Use cellophane bags to package your mixes.

Can you get a refund on buy a gift?


We’re happy to make refunds on unused vouchers bought directly from Buyagift within 60 days of purchase. … All refunds will be made to the person who purchased the voucher and they will be refunded directly via the original method of payment.

How long is a buyagift com smartbox valid for?

Smartboxes are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase unless stated otherwise.

How do I use my buy a gift voucher?

Please log in to www.buyagift.com/myvoucher using your voucher reference details and then click on ‘Exchange now’. You can now browse our huge range of exciting experiences. If you know which experience you’re after, you can use the search bar at the top of the page by typing in a keyword or product code.

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