How do you wrap a fudge as a gift?

Choose your vessel and layer a piece of waxed paper cut to size in the bottom of the container and add the fudge, adding more layers of waxed paper in between the layers. If you’d like to create an even more bespoke look, you can individually wrap pieces of fudge with wax paper and twine.

How do you wrap homemade fudge?

Wrap It Right

Unlike harder candies, soft fudge can dry out and get hard and crumbly when it’s exposed to air. To keep it soft and fresh longer, wrap fudge tightly in plastic after it cools.

Can I wrap fudge in parchment paper?

Line your pan with greased foil, plastic wrap or, better yet, parchment paper, making sure the foil comes up over the edge of the pan. Then, you can just lift it out of the pan for easier cutting. I have used almost every method known to man to find an easy way to cut fudge.

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Can you send fudge in the mail?

Fudge keeps at room temperature, so you can ship it through the regular mail. … Homemade fudge keeps fresh for up to two weeks, which means you can send it to friends and family via mail. If you keep a few simple things in mind when packaging fudge for shipping, it should arrive at its destination in good condition.

How do you sell fudge packages?

Package your product appropriately. If you’re selling the fudge in small blocks, cellophane bags should work nicely. If you’re selling the fudge in larger blocks, use small treat boxes with a cellophane window punched into them. Both cellophane bags and treat boxes are available at craft stores, as well as online.

How long does homemade fudge last?

How Long Does Fudge Last in the Fridge? To keep fudge fresh, it’s important to keep it cool. With proper storage, fudge can last in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks.

How much does it cost to make a pound of fudge?

It varies in price here from $8 to $12 a pound depending of flavor. Plain chocolate is cheapest with the vanilla/cherry, hazelnut, penuche going for more.

Can you make fudge without parchment paper?

Or parchment paper? If your fudge is too soft, it’s more likely to stick to your paper or baking pan. … For best results, we prefer to line a baking pan with non-stick tin foil (aluminum foil) (a specially treated foil found in your grocery store) or parchment paper.

Can I use parchment paper instead of foil?

Just think of this simple rule: “Sweet treat, parchment sheet. Grill or broil, go with foil,” Brown says. Parchment is preferable for baked goods and delicate dishes, while foil is best for cooking that involves high heat (broiling and grilling).

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Do you put fudge in the fridge?

Fudge will keep at room temperature just fine. It does not need to be refrigerated. You can keep it in the refrigerator if you feel that you like it cold–and some people prefer it that way. In this case, just make sure it is air tight, as cold air will surely dry out your fudge quicker.

What are the best baked goods to mail?

When mailing baked goods, try to focus on items that are hearty and sturdy as opposed to ones that are extremely delicate and complex.

  • Quick breads: zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, or banana bread.
  • Cookies: Oatmeal cookies and sugar cookies.
  • Bars: Brownies, blondies,
  • Cakes: Carrot cake, pound cake, and fruitcakes.

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Will gummy bears melt in the mail?

Items such as gummy will melt when exposed to temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods of time. That being said, our experience has shown that most packages arrive without any visible sign of melt.

Can you make money selling fudge?

Maximized Margins – Because fudge has a high perceived value and low production costs, you have the ability to set retail prices that are appealing to the customer and still favorable for your business. Profit margins can range as high as 80%.

How much can you sell homemade fudge for?

It varies in price here from $8 to $12 a pound depending of flavor. Plain chocolate is cheapest with the vanilla/cherry, hazelnut, penuche going for more. Hope this helps. The fudge recipe that I’ll be using (4 chip fudge) makes about 4 1/2 pounds of fudge and it’ll cost about $8-$8.50 to do the whole thing.

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What’s the best way to cut fudge?

How To Cut Fudge

  1. allow the fudge to set in the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours.
  2. remove the fudge from the fridge and place onto a flat chopping board.
  3. dip a large sharp flat knife in boiling water, dry it completely and cut one long slice (the heat will help the knife to glide through)

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