How do I use Subway gift card on app?

When making a purchase in a restaurant, select the rewards you want to use in your App, and scan your Subway® Card at the cash register or swipe your plastic Subway® Card. Note: you may not enter your phone number to redeem your $2.00 Reward.

How do you use a Subway gift card online?

Subway® Cards can be used at participating Subway® restaurant locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. They can also be redeemed online at or through the Subway® App.

Once you have created a Subway® account and registered a Subway® Card, you may add other Subway® Cards by logging into your account HERE or the Subway® App. By creating a Subway® account, you will automatically be enrolled in the new Subway MyWay® Rewards Program.

How do I pay with Subway app?

How do I pay in the restaurant using the Subway® App? Be sure a payment method is added in the profile menu, and select the “SHOW CARD Scan at the register” button on the home screen for a QR code to be scanned at the time of payment.

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Do Subway gift cards need to be activated?

Cards bought at Subway restaurants or at specific retailers, such as Walmart, are activated when purchased. When a customer purchases a Subway card online, he must activate it when it arrives in the mail by visiting the website and entering the card number in a registration form.

Can I order subway online and pay cash?

Subway announced today that it will launch an app and an online ordering website, which will allow customers to both order and pay for their Subway sandwich digitally. … Additionally, customers will be able to pay with both Apple and Android Pay.

Is my Subway gift card still good?

The prepaid card balance never expires, nor are any fees charged in connection with its use. Check your balance at or call 1-877-697-8222. The remaining balance on lost, stolen, or damaged Cards will be replaced only if the Card has been registered and proof of purchase is provided.

Can you order on subway app and pay in store?

How do I pay in the restaurant using the Subway® App? Be sure a payment method is added in the profile menu, and select the “Pay in Store” button on the home screen for a QR code to be scanned at the time of payment.

Can you cash out a Subway gift card?

You may not use a Gift Card to purchase other Gift Cards. Gift Cards cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, or redeemed for cash, except to the extent required by law. … Unused Gift Cards may not be transferred.

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Do subway tokens expire?

All Tokens and Rewards will expire on termination of your participation in Subway MyWay® Rewards (whether terminated by you or by Company) or termination of the Subway MyWay® Rewards altogether, subject only to notice to you that is required by law, if any.

How do I add a subway card to my wallet?

For Apple Watch

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap Wallet & Apple Pay.
  3. Tap Add Card, then tap Continue.
  4. Tap the name of the transit card you want to add.
  5. Tap Transfer Existing Card.
  6. Follow the steps to transfer the balance.

Can I pay with my phone at Subway?

You’ll be able to pay for single rides using your iPhone, Android phone, wearables like those from Fitbit, or tap-to-pay credit and debit cards.29 мая 2019 г.

How many subway tokens do you need for a free sub?

When you collect 200 tokens by spending $50, earn a $2 discount on any menu item. Or you can choose to save up your rewards. “You can get a free six-inch, a free footlong,” Ganelli said.

Why is my Subway gift card frozen?

No one at a Subway restaurant can unfreeze an account. The most common reason for freezing is attempting to combine multiple cards at once (like 4–5 gift cards combined together) or a pattern of weird purchases (like having half a dozen separate purchases in less than an hour).

Can you use Subway gift cards on Doordash?

No unfortunately the only gift cards you can use in the doordash platform are either the generic Visa or Mastercard type prepaid cards or the Doordash gift cards.

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How can I get a free Subway gift card?

Like shopping at Subway? Get a FREE gift card from Subway and other big name chains after you join Registration is currently open for a limited time. Sign up here for your free Subway gift card.

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