How do I use a Macy’s gift card online?

Where can I use my Macy’s gift card?

Macy’s Gift Cards can be redeemed at any Macy’s store or online at For in-store redemption, present your gift card to a Store Colleague when you’re ready to check out.

Why isnt my Macy’s gift card working?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Gift Card balance dispute. Your Gift Card is not working online or in-store. … You have not received your Return Gift Card from an online or store order return, please call 1-800-289-6229.

How can you use a gift card online?

You simply type the gift card or egift card number into the website’s shopping cart and complete the transaction. Whether the gift card is plastic or electronic, using it online is especially easy if you have a store gift card, also known as a closed loop gift card.

How many Macy’s gift cards can you use online?

five Macy’s

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Can I use my Macy’s gift card at Target?

Yes, but not to worry. There are over 100 store and restaurant gift cards Target will accept like Best Buy, Olive Garden, Macy’s, and Panera Bread.

How do I activate Macy’s gift card?

Click here to access the “my Macy’s Credit Card” page. Click on the black “Activate Card” button. On the “Macy’s Credit Card Verification” page, you can submit your information to activate your card so you may begin shopping!

Does Amazon sell Macy’s gift cards? macy’s gift card.

Can you use a Macy’s gift card at Bloomingdale’s?

Can You Use Macy’s Gift Cards at Bloomingdale’s? Even though Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are owned by the same parent company, Macy’s Inc., you cannot use a Bloomingdale’s gift card at Macy’s and you can’t use a Macy’s gift card at Bloomingdale’s.

Who is the cardholder on a gift card?

When registering the gift card, enter your first and last name, just as you would on a credit card.

How do I pay with two cards online?

Most online merchants won’t allow you to split your payment this way. Internet stores may allow you to combine a gift card with a credit card when you make a purchase, but they rarely let customers use two credit cards, or a credit and debit card mix, to do the same.

How do I use a vanilla gift card online?


  1. Make sure the balance of the Vanilla Gift Card is more than the entire cost of the purchase, including taxes. …
  2. Select ‘Credit’ or ‘Debit’ as the payment method (Do not select ‘Gift Card’)
  3. In the Payment Method section, enter the card information as you would a credit or debit card.
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Can I pay at Macy’s without my card?

Make a Payment

Use cash, check, debit card or money order to pay your bill at any Macy’s store. We do not accept credit cards or gift cards as payment on your Macy’s Credit Card or Macy’s American Express® Card.

How much money do I have on my Macy’s gift card?

You may check the available balance on your Macy’s Gift Card in one of three ways: Visit any Macy’s store and ask a cashier to check the balance for you. Check your balance online at Call Macy’s at 1-800-511-2752.

Can you use a Macy’s gift card at finish line?

@HaydenShinger You can use your Macy’s gift card on purchases through the Finish Line section on our website: . @Macys The Macy’s website states that “Macy’s Gift Cards may be purchased and redeemed at Finish Line stores” …

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