Can I use Shoppers Drug Mart gift card online?

Unfortunately, we do not currently accept gift cards of any kind as a method of payment.

Where can I use Shoppers Drug Mart gift card?

Shoppers Drug Mart®, Pharmaprix®, Beauty Boutique™ and and Galerie BeautéMC Gift Cards are redeemable at participating Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores. Visit our FAQ for participating stores.

Can you buy from Shoppers Drug Mart online?

Shop essentials online

You can do that with the Shoppers Drug Mart App.

Does Shoppers Drug Mart have gift cards?

Health, beauty & convenience

The Shoppers Drug Mart & beautyBOUTIQUE Gift Cards make great gifts for birthdays, weddings and more. Digital Gift Cards also available!

Can you buy a gift card with another gift card Shoppers Drug Mart?

Yes, many people can confirm as well. You ARE permitted to use a SDM GC to buy any other GC.

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What type of gift cards does Shoppers Drug Mart sell?

Visit a Shoppers Drug Mart near you for a variety of gift cards. We cover prepaid credit cards, phone cards, restaurants, electronics, corporate and more.

Can you pay with cash at Shoppers?

Each Shoppers Drug Mart customer relayed the same experience: because they were paying with debit or credit, they were ordered to use the self-checkout machine — which accepts cards but not cash.

What stores give senior discounts at 55 in Canada?

Drug Stores

  • Shoppers Drug Mart: 20% off on the last Thursday of the month for customers 65+ (some locations 55+) if they have a PC Optimum card.
  • Rexall: every Tuesday, seniors aged 55+ save 20% on regular-priced items.
  • Pharmasave: 10% off on one day each month (date and age not specified)

How old is a senior at Shoppers Drug Mart?

65 and older

Does shoppers do online shopping?

Shoppers Drug Mart customers in more than 30 communities across Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo, Cambridge, Hamilton and London can go online to or open the Instacart app on their mobile device.

What gift cards can you get at Shoppers?

Our Family of Gift Cards

Our own assortment includes President’s Choice®, Joe Fresh®, Shoppers Drug Mart®, and Beauty Boutique® gift cards.

Where can I buy a Tim Hortons gift card?

Tim Hortons gift cards are sold at participating retailers, at and in Tim Horton’s locations. You can also use the website to find the nearest Time Hortons to you.

Do Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards expire?

Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards carry no expiry dates, hidden fees, and can be redeemed at any Shoppers Drug Mart location.

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Can I use gift card to buy another gift card?

Although not all stores will let you buy a gift card with a gift card, I have done it multiple times. Since there is no federal or state law governing whether or not a gift card can be used to purchase another gift card, each store is allowed to set its own policy. … Make it a group gift!6 дней назад

Does shoppers sell prepaid credit cards?

You can buy your Visa prepaid card from many stores across Canada, including Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws.

Where do you buy gift cards?

Where is the Best Place to Buy Gift Cards?

  • At the Issuing Store or Restaurant. When gift cards first came out, you could only buy them at the issuing merchant. …
  • On the Issuing Store or Restaurant’s Website. photo credit: Lululemon website. …
  • At a Third-party Store. …
  • On a Third-party Website. …
  • On a Bank-Issued Gift Card Website. …
  • Via a Mobile App.
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