How should I organize my kids toys?

How do I organize my children’s toys?

Dedicate an empty area of a closet, basement or even garage space where you can store toys that aren’t in use. Use bins or drawers to sort these toys by type and label them with the contents. I have a large empty area in my daughter’s closet that I use for this purpose.

How do you categorize toys?


The number 1 rule to keeping your child’s toys organised is to categorize them. Not only does this help keep toys to a minimum (particularly if you don’t have too many categories), but it also helps your children quickly find what they’re looking for, and put things back where they belong.3 мая 2016 г.

How do you organize too many toys?

There are two basic ways to organize toys:

That can be a toy box or a large basket. Cubbies or individual bins.

How do you organize kids toys in small space?

11 Solutions to Store Toys in Small Living Spaces

  1. Furniture that Doubles as Storage. There are many options for attractive furniture that doubles as storage space. …
  2. Woven Baskets for Toys. …
  3. Plastic Tubs with Lids for Stacking. …
  4. Create Space Behind Your Couch. …
  5. Shoe Racks for Toys. …
  6. Stick it to Wall or Fridge. …
  7. Rolling Toys In and Out. …
  8. Portable Toy Caddies.
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Can too many toys cause problems?

Children who have too many toys are more easily distracted, and do not enjoy quality playtime, a new study suggests. Researchers at the University of Toledo in Ohio, US, recruited 36 toddlers and invited them to play in a room for half an hour, with either four toys, or 16 toys.

How do you declutter old toys?

To recap, here’s how you declutter toys:

  1. Pick a category, not too broad. Collect everything in that category.
  2. Gather garbage bag and 2 laundry baskets.
  3. Pick up each item and decide whether to trash, pass on or keep.
  4. Get rid of the trash and things you’re not keeping.
  5. Put the remaining toys away.

How many stuffed animals is too many?

Matthew Tallar, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin’s division of allergy and clinical immunology, advises patients to limit themselves to one stuffed animal and to keep it off their bed at night.

How many toys do kids need?

Unless you’re running a child care in your home, you don’t need duplicates of objects. Having one or two objects in each category is enough. For example, you probably only need one or two sets of blocks, one or two pull toys, one or two rolling cars, one set of pretend cookware and vegetables, etc.

How do you store big baby toys?

How to Store Nursery Toys for Future Children

  1. Discard toys with chew marks or cracks. …
  2. Clean and disinfect all toys before storing. …
  3. You can put hard, plastic toys like Legos in the top rack of a dishwasher by placing them in a mesh bag.
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How do you organize toys in playroom?

Get the most use out of your child’s toys and space with these simple and kid-friendly ways to organize your child’s playroom.

  1. Get Rid of Trash (Alone!)
  2. Involve Your Child in Cleanup.
  3. Create Rotation Bins.
  4. Use See-Through Storage Bins.
  5. Use Kid-Friendly Labels.
  6. Utilize Wall Space.
  7. Create a Space for Artistic Creativity.

How can I hide my big toys?

15 Genius Design Tricks for Hiding Children’s Toys

  1. Always buy pieces with built-in storage. …
  2. Make use of benches. …
  3. Use storage units in your closets. …
  4. Put frequently used toys on low shelves. …
  5. Use upholstery to your advantage. …
  6. Choose matching storage containers. …
  7. Use cute mason jars to store small toys. …
  8. Make use of your wall space.

How do you separate toys?

Method 1 of 3: Organizing Toys Wisely

  1. In a child’s bedroom, separate corners of each room for different toy types. You can, for example, keep stuffed animals in one corner. …
  2. You can use decorative storage baskets and bins in common areas of your home. …
  3. You can also separate the toys by type.
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